Modern Drug Monitoring

Scriptera is modernizing prescription drug monitoring practices for pharmacies, prescribers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

The Opioid Crisis

By facing the problems of today, we prepare ourselves for the struggles of tomorrow.


Americans every die from an opioid overdose.


percent of the world’s opiates are consumed in the US.


billion dollars each year in the US is spent on the opioid crisis.


We are creating a network of physicians and pharmacies keeping up with each others’ patient activity in real time.

Rich Database

Scriptera gives real time, detailed visibility of all written, filled and refilled prescriptions.

Easy Compliance

A cleaner, more efficient tool is essential as compliance laws grow stricter.

Instant Detection

Scriptera has the power to detect doctor shopping and diversion instantly, where current systems take months.

Benefits & Integrations

Vertical Transparency

The Scriptera solution creates a vertical checks and balances system for the entire pharmaceutical chain.

Pattern Identification

Our wholesaler and manufacturer dashboard is optimized for analyzing prescribing data and detecting patterns.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate liability for the pharmacies, wholesalers and manufacturers selling controlled substances into the supply chain.

Simple Integrations

We believe the key to securing participation is through the use of simple, concise and time conscientious integrations.

Robust Export

Exportable list of all search queries so that clinicians can prove their compliance.

Uniting Efforts

An effective system will be a global effort, not an isolated group of practitioners.

We’re enabling all entities to take part in the fight against opioid abuse.

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